Happy Eid Mubarak Poems 2023: EID is one of the biggest festivals of the year and it is celebrated with lots of joys and fun. The entire Muslim community enjoys this day with their family. In the evening, they throw a party and sing Eid Mubarak poems. There are lots of traditional poems on EID which reveal the actual colors of this festival. These Eid Mubarak poems represent the true feeling of brotherhood among all the people. There are different types of Eid al-Fitr Mubarak poems which enlighten this day with joy and happiness. You must try these poems as they portray the whole EID festival in few words.

We all know that the world is full of such Mubarak EID Mubarak poems but if you are willing to prepare a poem for your EID evening then you need one of the best poems. So in this article, we will discuss various types of Happy Ramadan Mubarak poems so that you can choose your desired poem for your EID celebration. Children prepare these poems and collect blessing from their elders. Sometimes people send their wishes with the help of these poems.

Eid Mubarak Poems | Celebrate Eid Evening With Musical Night

There is a huge celebration organized by the Muslims for the EID evening. These celebrations are incomplete without stage performances and that’s why people present some Ramadan Mubarak poems for the viewers. These songs represent the true feeling of joyful relations among the entire Muslim community. The most interesting part of these functions is that everybody is invited, it doesn’t matter whether you are Muslim or not.

Eid Mubarak Poems In Hindi | Poem On The Happy Occasion Of Eid

Hindi is the most common language after Urdu among Muslims. So if you want to entertain your guest with a beautiful poem then you can present a funny Eid Mubarak poem. This Eid poem will definitely bring a sweet smile on your guest’s face. So it can be said that these Eid Mubarak Hindi poems are perfect for entertaining your audience. These poems are very easy to prepare because of its language as there are lots of music CD’s available in the market for these poems.

  • हम सब मिलकर ईद मनायें
    सबकी उम्मीदों पर छायें
    जग में ऐसे प्यार लुटायें
    हम सब मिलकर ईद मनायें
    नेक बनेंगे एक बनेंगे
    भेद नहीं प्यार करेंगे
    नाचें गायें धूम मचायें
    हम सब मिलकर ईद मनायें
    मीठी-मीठी सिवई खिलायें
    सब अधरों पर खुशियाँ लायें
    प्यार करो त्यौहार सिखायें
    हम सब मिलकर ईद मनायें
  • Eid Ka Din Gale Aj To Mil Lay Zalim
    Zakhm-e Dunya Bi Hai MoqaBi Hai Dastoor Bi Hai
    Ishq Is Tarah Ke Gustakh Taqazy Na Kare
    Husn Mazdor Bi, Majboor Bi, Magroor Bi Hai
    Ghroor-e Husn Ke Sadqe Mohabat Yun Nahi Karte
    Bhari Mehfil Mai Zahir Dil Ki Wehshat Yun Nahi Karte
    Ye Mana Tum Haseen Aur Tumhain Haq Hai Shirart Ka
    Kisi K Jan Pe Ban Jaye Shirart Yun Nahi Karte
    Jise Tum Husn Kehte Ho Wo Kaaba Hai Nigahon Ka
    Adab Lazam Hai Kaabe Ki Zayart Yun Nahi Karte
    Kuch Apne Husn Ki Kheerat De Do Ham Faqeron Ko
    Kisi Sayal Ko Apne Dar Se Ruksat Yun Nahi Karte
    Haya Aur Shram Ko Ham Husn Ka Zeewar Samjhte Hain
    Ye Zeewar Lut Ke Reh Jaye Sikhawat Yun Nahi Karte
    Tumhari Ik Nazar Pe Faisla Hai Zindagi Ka
    Maseeha Ho Ke Bemaron Se Ghaflat Yun Nahi Karte
    Maseeha Aur Tum In Kufr Ki Baaton Se Baaz Aao
    Khuda Ko Chor Kar But Ki Ibadat Yun Nahi Karte
  • Eid kedin bhi tanha hoon
    Main phir bhi jee rah hoon
    Teri Eid khushion bhri ho
    Rab se karta yeh dua hoon
    Ashkon ka sagar jo pee gya
    Main aik aisa daya hoon
    Muje iss baat ka ghum hai
    Eid ke din tum se juda hoon
    Tum se gila hai na shikayat
    Apne muqadar se khfa hoon
  • Tum Eid ManaoSaj Dhaj Ke..,
    Me Jese Hon Wesa Hee Sahi,
    Jiss Haal Main Hon Main Jesa Hon,
    Na Poch Sanam Ab Kesa Hon,
    Tum Dill Ka Lagana Kia Jano,
    Tum Ashk Bahana Kia Jano,
    Tum Nazuk Phool Ho Gullshan.,
    Tum Aag Mein Jalna Kia Jano..,
    Ye Umar He Tere Hansne Ki,,
    Nahein Ishq Mein Aahein Bharne Ki,,
    Meri Qismat Mein Hy Dard Sanam..
    Sab Seh Longa Taqdir Ke Gham,,
    Majbor Milay Jo Ulfat Main…
    Sar Aankhon Par Ye Saary Sitam,,
    Jab RUB Ko Hy Manzor Yahi,,
    Tou BISMILLAH Aesa Hee Sahi..
    Tm eid manao saj Dhaj k..,
    Me Jese Hon Wese Hee Sahi…
  • Aye “EID” Tum JabbBhi Aana
    Sab Ke Liye Bus KHUSHIYAN Lana,
    Har Chehry Parr Hansi Sajana
    Har Aangan Me Phool Khilana,
    Jo Roeay Hain Unhain Hansanaa
    Jo Rothy Hain Unhain Mananaa,
    Jo Bichray Hain Unhain Milana
    Piyari “EID” Tum Jab Bhi Aana
    Sub Ke Liye KHUSHIYAN Lanaa…!!!
  • Dekhiye Chand Raat Aai Hai
    Saath Khushyaan Hazar Lai Hai,
    Tum Chaley Aao Aik Lamhey Ko
    Ham Bhi Man’ain Ke “Eid” Aae Hai
    Chaand Bhia Yah Chand Lamhon Ko
    Jaisey Tum Ne Jhalak Dikhai Hai,
    Ham Ne Qismat Ajeeb Pai Hai
    “Eid” Ka Din Hai Aur Judai Hai,
    Keh Rahi Hai Hawaa Mujhe Nasir
    Us Ne Mehndi Abhi Lagaii Hai…!!!
  • Gulshan Ko Karr Rahi Moat’tar Hawaa-e-Eid
    Aata Nahi Kuch Nazar Kuch Bhi Siwaye Eid,
    Meri Taraf Se “Eid Mubarak” Ho Aap Ko
    Bus Mere Pass Hai Yehi Tohfa Bahar-e-Eid…!!!
  • Eid k Roz Bhi Majboor The Taqdeer Se Hum.
    Ro paray Mil k Gale Aap ki Tasveer Se Hum.
    Mera Jo Kuch Hai Tera Hai.
    Tere liye Hi To Hai.
    Tu Agr Jaan Bhi Mangay To Tujhe dete Hum.
    Hum Ne Kya kya na kiya Pyar me o Mere Sanam.
    Phir b Mehroom Rahe Teri Wafaon se Hum.
    Teri yaadon Ne Shama Ban k jalaya Hai Mujhe.
    Parwano ki Tarha is Aag me jalte Rahe Hum.
    Tum Ne kaha Tha loat Aaon Ga Eid py.
    Eid ka Din Hai Loat Aao.
    Warna Mar jayenGe Hum.!!!

Eid Mubarak Poetry In English

Bollywood is full of such Eid Mubarak songs and these songs are very much impressive. If you can prepare a Bollywood song then it would definitely win the hearts of your guests. EID is incomplete without these songs & poems. Most of the times, people play these songs during the celebration in low volume. It creates a beautiful ambiance and adds the actual flavor of EID. That’s why we conclude that your function is incomplete without such Eid Mubarak English poems.

  • In her beauty, my beloved is the luster of morning of Eid
    Perfect is she rest is the luster of morning of Eid
    Infuse thy radiance in its system THERE
    As it is being put in order the lusterof morning of Eid
    The blood of trust colors up atmosphere, as a result of sacrifice
    In gratitude, it bows head the luster of morning of Eid
    I took it as reflection but conspicuous is loved one
    Yes I am sure this is my prayers granted the luster of morning of Eid
    Oh! Appeared one whose sweet gesture excite joys
    It ha blossomed like flowers the luster of Eid
    See the turmoil of lives it’s pleasant to soul
    What can I tell signifies the luster of morning of Eid
    Hearts are in delight no discrimination is here whatsoever
    It is a message of faithfulness to world the luster of morning of Eid
    Stir I feel in my vessel of life and I conceive
    Some mischief must be running in the mind of luster of morning of Eid
  • Ends the early wake-up,
    End the fasting days,
    Ends “ramazan“,
    Ends another virtuous phase.
    The month ends,
    A full moon shines amidst,
    All setup to embrace,
    The joyous festival of eid.
    Salutations to Allah,
    Prayers echo in mosques,
    A new day rises,
    As ends the month of fast.
    Scent of brotherhood,
    Processesthe air,
    Happiness all over,
    Oneness everywhere.
    Various delicacies offered,
    Several guests entertained,
    Several emotions aroused,
    Several gifts exchanged.
    “Eidi” to loved ones,
    “zakat” to charity,
    Humanity sprinkles,
    This eve of eternity.
    Enjoy this day,
    Wish you good luck,
    Wish you prosperity,
    Wish thou “Eid Mubarak”.
    – by Kedar .!
  • 30 days of Fast, willcontinue as long as we last
    Its ”RAMADAN KAREEM”,The Best among the whole months team
    Fasting is every Muslim’s duty,It enhances soul’s beauty
    If you’re sick,you’re travelling,It’s not necessary that you must be fasting
    Gifts we got in Ramadan,are,The Quraan and my Pakistan
    My we all get united,before its EID
    May it be spent in peace,Remember me in your Prayers please!
    May we all shine like a sun,Ramadan Kareem to everyone!
  • “Are you sleeping still on Bed?
    Have a view of gift ahead,
    Oh, the Eid crescent is above your head,
    May this beautiful eve turn you crimson Red,
    Accept heartiest greetings and tweet,
    Because Can’t I buy the bunch of Sweet,
    May thou feel head over heel,
    And enjoy this festive with full zest and zeal,
    Embrace, hug, and switch off all disputes,
    And be the human of piety attributes,
    This poem will go on and on, So
    Keep on enjoying Eid with chirpy brow!!!

Urdu Picture Poetry | Eid Mubarak Lyrics In Urdu

Urdu is considered as the much-disciplined language among all the languages across the globe. Before singing any poem, you must know the actual meaning of the words. The words of this language have very deep meaning and that’s why they have the capacity to make your evening, one of the most memorable evenings of the year. So we must try these songs in our EID function.

  • Eid Har Baras Ki Tarha Is Baras Bhi I Hai
    Suna Hai Samait Kar Khushiyan Apne Sath Lai Hai
    Jin Ko Ho Ga Hasil Deedar-e-Yar
    Un K Liye To Khizhan Me Bhi Bahar Lai Hai
    Guzar Jaye Gi Ye Eid Bhi Ek Sham Ki Tarha
    Mere Lub Pe Wohi Purany Sawal Lai Hai
    Log Galay Mil Rahe Hain Mujhe Kuch Hosh Nahi
    Us Ki Yaadon Ka Bana K Apne Sath Aik Jaal Lai Hai
    Mujhe To Mustakbil Me Bhi Koi Eid Nazar Nahi Aati
    Mera Maazi Bhi Udaas Tha Mere Haal Me Bhi Tanhai Hai…
  • Suna Hai Chaand Nikle Ga
    Suna Hai EID Bhi Hogi
    Humein To Aasman Par Door Tak
    Kuch Bhi Nahi Dikhta
    Kahan Wo Chaand Nikle Ga
    K Jis K Waasty Hum Ne
    Kabhi Palkain Nahi Jhapki
    Wo Jis Ka Rasta Takte
    Hai Guzri Zindagi Apni
    Nahi Kuch Bhi Khabar K Wo
    NIkle Ga To Kab Akhir
    Humari Muntazir Ankhon Ko
    Us Ki Deed Kab Hogi
    Abhi Pucho Nahi Hum Se
    Humari EID Kb Hogi….
  • Aey Hum Nasheen Behshat Beh Damaan Hai Shaam-e-EID
    Aa Hum Bhi Dil Ke Daagh Jalaye B’naam EID
    Palkon Pe Aansuon Ke Sitaaray Saja Liye,
    Is Dhaj Se Hasratoon Ne Kia Ehtamaam-e-EID…
  • Chiragh Dil Ke Jalao Ke EID Ka Din Hai
    Taraney Jhoom Ke Gao Ke EID Ka Din Hai
    Ghamon Ko Dil Se Bhulao Ke EID Ka Din Hai
    Khushi Se Bazm Sajao Ke EID Ka Din Hai
    Hazoor Us Ke Karo Ab Salamti Ki Dua
    Sar-E-Namaz Jhukao Ke EID Ka Din Hai
    Sab Hi Murad Ho Puri Har Ik Sawali Ki
    Dua Ko Hath Se Uthao Ke EID Ka Din Hai
  • Tehwaar To Naam Hai Khushiyon Ka
    Lekin Meri Har Eid Par
    Mere Dardon Ka Raqs Hota Hai
    Mere Aansu Muskuratey Hain
    Meri Khushiyan Sisakti Rehti Hain
    Mere Armaan Dam Toorte Hain
    Mere Aanhein Hansti Rehti Hain
    Mein Hota Hun Aur Tanhai
    Saath Aansu, Armaan, Aahein Meri
    Inhein Khiloon Se
    Eid Ke Rooz Behalta Hun…..!
  • Chaak Daman Ko Dekha To Mila Eid Ka Chand
    Apni Tasweer Kahan Bhool Gaya Eid Ka Chand
    Is Ke Aabrooye Khameda Ki Tarha Teekha Hai
    Apni Aankhon Mein Bari Dair Chubha Eid Ka Chand
    Door Wairaan Baseeray Mein Diya Ho Jese
    Gham Ki Deewar Se Dekha To Laga Eid Ka Chand
    Ley Key Halaat Ke Sehraon Mein Aa Jata Hai
    Aaj Bhi Khald Ki Rangeen Fiza Eid Ka Chand
    Talkhiyan Barh Gayn Jab Zeest Key Pemaany Mein
    Ghool Ke Dard Ke Maaron Ney Piya Eid Ka Chand
    Chasm To Wusat-E-Aflaak Mein Khoyi ‘Saghar’
    Dil Ne Ik Aur Jaga Dhoond Liya Eid Ka Chand!!

Eid Mubarak Poems | Eid Al Fitr Poetry Poems Images Pictures Photos

We are providing you brilliant collection of Eid poetry that you can’t stop reading. These poems on Eid are published by poets from all over the world. On this page, you can find Ramadan Mubarak 2023 poems. You can share it on facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and whataApp. Wish Eid to your friends and family by these poems and try to impress them.

Eid Mubarak Ho Dosto!! 

Khuda Se Dua Hai Ki Sabhi Khus Rahe.!!

May Allah Help To All.!!