Happy Eid Mubarak Decorations 2023: We all know that EID is a day of celebration and lots of people celebrate EID throw the party at their houses. These parties are incomplete without Eid Mubarak decorations. People made lots of efforts to make their house beautiful. They follow various kinds of decoration ideas to decorate their house. You can also try these Eid Mubarak decorations ideas that will definitely attract guest towards your house and make this day memorable day of the year. Your guest will not forget your party if your decoration ideas are unique and innovative. So you must focus on this element of your party.

Eid Mubarak Decorations | 11 Eid Home Decoration Ideas

Talking about the party or function the first thing that comes to our mind is food and decoration. People make tasty food items on this day but sometimes they forget to focus on Eid Mubarak decorations ideas. We advise you to add some innovation to your Eid Mubarak decoration. These decorations will make your function complete. In this article, we will tell you to top 11 Eid Mubarak decorations ideas which you should not forget in your party.

  1. Eid Mubarak Door Hangings

People first notice these door hangings so don’t forget to buy a new door hanging for your house. These door hangings can be of green color or according to the theme of your party. These doors hanging are very easily available at any gift or decoration store. You can also make this door hanging within few moments. So don’t forget this Eid Mubarak decoration.

  1. Eid Mubarak Falling Stars Strands

This is very simple and easy craft decoration to decorate your house. You need a string and some beautiful stars to make this strand. Then hang it in your dining room so that your guest can appreciate your efforts. Children love these falling stars strands and if you arrange these strands then your guest will definitely notice your work.

  1. Ramadan Mubarak Candle Light Lantern

If you are planning a candle theme party then you must arrange this candlelight lantern. You can book these lanterns from online shopping portals as they offer you a large variety of lanterns. You just have to choose your desired lantern and order it. After few days you will get your candlelight lantern and then place it on your dining table.

  1. Eid Mubarak Decorations – Place Cards

Place cards are very simple Ramadan Mubarak decorations ideas but if you take care about these little decorations then only your party will become memorable. You can make a variety of place cards and decorate your dining table. You can even make these place cards at your home within few minutes. So we suggest you spend some time and make these cards.

  1. Ramadan Mubarak – Candle Centerpiece

Candle centerpiece will be the center of attraction of your party and guest loves these centerpieces. You just have to search online for these centerpieces and then wait for few days. After receiving these amazing Ramadan Mubarak decorations ideas you will understand the importance of these centerpieces. These decorations are suitable for the candle theme party.


  1. Eid Al Fitr Mubarak – Metallic Star Confetti

Attractive and colorful Metallic Star Confetti sprinkled around the table runner can provide an elegant accent to your party table setting.

  1. Ramadan Mubarak – Eid Balloons

Celebrate the Eid holidays by setting up Eid Balloons shaped in attractive and popular crescent style or star shapes. Balloons in different variety of shapes and designs that can make your Ramadan or Eid party truly a festive one.

  1. Happy Eid Mubarak – Star Cascade Centerpiece

You may add in your Eid Mubarak decorations colorful Mini Star Cascade Centerpieces to add vibrant colors to your party tables.

  1. Eid Al Fitr Mubarak Candles

Candles placed in safe and carefully-considered positions throughout your living room will give off a beautiful flicker. Scented candles are particularly pleasant, and the beautiful aroma of a scented candle is sure to delight every guest who walks into your home to enjoy togetherness.

  1. Ramadan Mubarak – Table Decorate With food

No, don’t throw it on the wall, we mean baking and decorating some beautiful fairy cakes, covering them with edible glitter and other decorations. You can place them on tiered cake stands and put them on display.

  1. Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Calendar is of the most creative Eid decoration ideas. It is also very simple to make, you just need a big cardboard, some decorative items, and white papers. First, decorate your cardboard and white papers. Then fold the papers into cones shapes and writes numbers on them which represents the dates. Then stick those cones on the cardboard and your calendar is ready to make your house wall attractive.

Celebrate Ramadan With Beautiful Home Decorations

Decorate your home this Eid with the above placed Eid Mubarak decorations ideas. We have just the collection of ideas for you. Everything from foods to decorations and even themes is included for your EID party. And you will know that you did it all yourself. Browse the collection and gather ideas or use them all and plan the party of the Eid. Be creative and make your own party decorations. And hey don’t forget to share by clicking on the below buttons. Happy Eid Mubarak 2023!!

Eid Mubarak.!! May Allah Blessings Are With You Today, Tomorrow And Always.!!