The majority of people are unaware of the eid al Adha 2023 prayer procedure. The event doesn’t know how to offer eid prayer. Everyone can forget because this is not the daily routine of everyone. We want to clear the confusion fo everyone. Eid ki namaz ka Tarika is here below. after reading this you will get the information that how to perform the eid al Adha 2023 prayer.

First of all, people have to take a bath and then run to the nearby mosque. People stand behind the imam masjid. After standing behind the imam of the mosque. Niyyah is done by saying that we are behind this imam and offering eid al Adha prayer. There are two Rakat of Eid Mubarak prayers. These two rakats are wajib. Lift your hands up to ears and then say “Allahu Akbar”.

Eid Al Adha Prayer Procedure 2023

Release your hands and then do the same till the three times. The fourth time recite subhaana alllahumma. Then go to ruku and then so the sajda. Again stand straight and then do say allah huabakr and recite the subhanallah. Then say allahu akbar and put your hands towards the ear and then release them. Do this three times.

Do the ruku and sajda and sit in the jalsa state. Say atahiyat, durud paak and rabbi jaalni. After doing this you can face towards right and say assalam o alaikum wa rehmat ullahh. And do the same at the left side. This is the proper and authentic way of proper eid al Adha prayer 2023.

Now you come to know the proper procedure of the eid al Adha prayer and now the confusion related to the query of how to perform eid al Adha 2023 prayers has been cleared.